Can I set the number of spreads before starting?

With Pixellu SmartAlbums 2 there is no need to set the number of spreads before beginning your album. At any time you are able to add a spread with timeline cuts or dragging images onto an empty spread. 

There are many ways to view the total number of existing spreads in a current project. Here are a few:

1. Inspector

When nothing is selected, you can see the following information in the Inspector window on the right:

  • Number of existing spreads
  • Number of unique templates that have been used
  • Total number of images

If you chose an album company preset, you will also see the minimum and maximum number of spreads allowed in the specified album.

2. Toolbar

The toolbar is located at the very top of your SmartAlbums application. Here, the following is displayed:

  • Number of designed spreads
  • Number of images imported into the project
  • Number of images used in the album design

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