How to design an album cover

Most albums with simple covers, such as leather or fabric, require no design. Other covers, such as photo or acrylic covers, may require a design. Pixellu SmartAlbums 2 does not support cover design at this time but it is a feature that we are working on incorporating in the future. However, you can simply design one custom sized spread, and export it as if it was the cover. To do this, start a new project in SmartAlbums and follow these steps:

Click on the Custom tab in the Choose Album Specifications window.
Enter "300" for the DPI.
Enter the width and height of the cover dimensions specified by your print lab. Every album company and album type has different cover specifications; please contact your lab for exact cover dimensions for the album you intend to order.
Click Next and design a single spread as if it were the cover.


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