SmartAlbums 2.0.2 for Mac Release Notes

New Album Companies

  • Foto Fayer
  • AG Photography Lab

New Features

  • Added export warning when an image is used twice in the project
  • Added copy/pasting images from Designer View to external applications like Finder, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
  • Added page count to the Spread Grid section (now both page and spread count are shown).

Fixes and Improvements

SmartAlbums Mac Desktop Application

  • Added new UI hint when templates with background frames are picked.
  • Images can now be copied from Designer View and pasted in the Spread/Timeline View.
  • Fixed crash when exporting for Cloud Proofing.
  • Fixed application hanging/crash when returning from Designer View.
  • Fixed application crash when using text tracking adjustment.
  • Fixed issue with zoom tool not zooming correctly into the defined area.
  • Fixed zooming issues when manipulating frames with Option key.
  • Fixed issue with Adobe Photoshop CS4 not being detected properly.
  • Fixed issues with text frame rendering in IDML documents.
  • Fixed some visual issues with Smart Guides.
  • Fixed issue with background color not being rendered correctly in proofing output for some matted album types.
  • Fixed album display issues when exporting ultra wide or ultra narrow albums to Cloud Proofing.
  • Fixed issue with text frame export for albums with inside bleed.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Cloud Proofing

  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect displaying of client name in Cloud Proofing Context View after feedback has been submitted for an album.
  • Fixed issue with blank comments displaying in Web Viewer and SA Inspector panel.
  • Fixed issue with single image comments not displaying in the comment panel.

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