SmartAlbums 2.0.3 for Mac Release Notes

New Album Companies

  • Jingoo
  • PAFE Digital Albums
  • Phaloo
  • Photo Productions

New Features

  • Smart Guides can now be temporarily disabled by holding Command key while manipulating frames.

Fixes and Improvements

SmartAlbums Mac Desktop Application

  • Fixed image frame border issues with PSD files exported on Retina devices.
  • Fixed several crash issues when exporting to Cloud Proofing.
  • Albums uploaded to Cloud Proofing can now be edited/uploaded from a different computer.
  • Cloud Proofing sharpening default setting now depends on the application sharpening setting (Image Quality tab in Preferences).
  • Fixed issue with copy/pasting spreads with inside bleed.
  • Fixed issue with first/last spread type (single vs. double page) not being saved correctly.
  • Improved image dropping from external applications, including Adobe Lightroom.
  • Dropping into Timeline from external applications now applies the currently selected sorting option in Image Browser.
  • Designer View: The spread canvas now always stays in sight when scrolling.
  • Designer View: Fixed gap issues with image flipping for image frames that have borders.
  • Designer View: Zooming with Option key pressed now does not result in view scrolling.
  • Designer View: Zoom level 100% now corresponds to the 100% scale of the spread canvas.
  • Designer View: Improved zooming into the defined area (Zoom Tool).
  • Designer View: Fixed minor issues with rulers and guides.
  • Designer View: Fixed UI layout issues when entering Designer View with Image Browser or Inspector disabled.
  • Designer View: Minor improvements with selection behavior after image drops.
  • Inspector: Album size does not display units to better reflect album company size names.
  • Fixed various issues with Undo operations.
  • Numeric pad Plus/Minus keys now work for zooming keyboard shortcuts (Command+Plus, Command+Minus).
  • Fixed various crashes caused by invalid numeric value input.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Cloud Proofing Web Application

  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Fixed issue with albums displaying incorrectly in IE9 browser.
  • Clients can now reset their password.
  • Fixed issue of not being able to log out of tablet viewer.

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