SmartAlbums 2.0.6 for Mac Release Notes

New Album Companies and Album Lines

  • Albumplus
  • Artifact Uprising: Layflat Album
  • Graphistudio US: Baby Book

Fixes and Improvements

SmartAlbums Mac Desktop Application

  • Fixed minor issues when using Clean Mode in Designer View (press and hold Control key to hide spread UI overlay).
  • Fixed minor issue when adding background image to active spread from Image Browser.
  • Fixed issues with gap setting not being stored correctly in New Project Window.
  • Fixed issues with gap setting not working some some albums with lower DPI.
  • Fixed various issues when working with text frames in Designer View.
  • Fixed issues with image frame display in the Inspector.
  • Fixed issue with PDF rendering for legacy proofing.
  • Improved consistency of copy/paste operations between projects, when certain adjustments are disabled in one of the albums.
  • Fixed issue with mismatching Main View and Designer View image frame cropping.
  • Fixed minor issues with ruler drawing in Designer View.
  • Fixed various crashes relating to malformed input images.
  • Fixed various crashes when using Text Tool in Designer View.
  • Minor UX improvements.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Cloud Proofing Web Application

  • Improved the commenting sending/receiving performance.
  • Fixed various issues with assigning clients to albums in Album Management view.
  • Fixed issue with albums displaying incorrectly in IE9 browser.
  • Fixed album viewer layout issues when viewing on low-resolution displays.
  • Minor UI fixes.

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