Differences between SmartAlbums for Mac & Windows PC


Pixellu SmartAlbums is a cross-platform license. In other words, the same license can be used to install SmartAlbums on a Windows and/or a Mac computer. Each license purchase allows activation on up to two computers by a single user. Meaning, you can use SmartAlbums on a maximum of two different computers (two Mac activations, two Windows activations, or one on each platform). 

Feature differences between Windows and Mac versions

  • Matted album support is not available for the Windows version of SmartAlbums.
  • Importing images in ProPhoto RGB color profile is not supported in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Legacy proofing export is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Mac OS X Quick Look feature is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows (preview in Windows Photo Viewer is available).

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