Keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC

Main Window: General

Action Keyboard shortcut
Show/hide Image Browser            Alt+1
Show/hide Image Inspector Alt+2
Show/hide Timeline Alt+3
Selection tool V
Hand tool H
Close current project Ctrl+Q
Export current project Ctrl+Shift+E
Open Preferences window Ctrl+Shift+P
Create new project Ctrl+N
Open project Ctrl+O
Save project Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Undo action Ctrl+Z
Redo action Ctrl+Y
Minimize project Windows+M
Open Designer View for current spread Enter
Add image to spread without replacing 
image in the Spread View area
Hold Alt while dropping
Create separate spread by dropping image
from Image Browser to Timeline or Spread View
Hold Ctrl while dropping
Edit image in Adobe Photoshop Ctrl+E
Quit SmartAlbums Alt+F4

Main Window: Spread View, Timeline

Action Keyboard shortcut
Navigate to next spread Right Arrow
Navigate to previous spread Left Arrow
Navigate to first spread Home
Navigate to last spread End
Cycle to the next template Down Arrow
Cycle to the previous template Up Arrow
Select all spreads Ctrl+Alt+A
Deselect selected spread(s) Ctrl+D
Delete active spread Ctrl+Delete
Cut item(s) (spread(s) or Timeline element(s)) Ctrl+X
Copy item(s) (spread(s) or Timeline element(s)) Ctrl+C
Paste item(s) (spread(s) or Timeline element(s)) Ctrl+V
Reveal selected image in the Image Browser Ctrl+double-click
Delete selected item(s) Delete
Replace Image Ctrl+Shift+R
Reload from Original Ctrl+R

Main Window: Image Browser

Action Keyboard shortcut
Import images Ctrl+I
Delete selected item(s) Delete
Add image(s) to current spread Ctrl+Up Arrow
Show all images Ctrl+Shift+A
Show unused images Ctrl+Shift+U
Show missing images Ctrl+Shift+M

Main Window: Spread Grid

Action Keyboard shortcut
Delete selected spread(s) Delete
Cut selected spread(s) Ctrl+X
Copy selected spread(s) Ctrl+C 
Paste spread(s) Ctrl+V

Designer View

Action Keyboard shortcut
Reveal selected image in the Image Browser Ctrl+double-click
Close Designer View for current spread Enter
Delete selected item(s) Delete
Move selected frame(s) horizontally by 1 px Right Arrow, Left Arrow
Move selected frame(s) vertically by 1px Up Arrow, Down Arrow
Move selected frame(s) horizontally by 10 px Shift+Right Arrow, Shift+Left Arrow
Move selected frame(s) vertically by 10 px Shift+Up Arrow, Shift+Down Arrow
Deselect selected frame(s) Ctrl+D
Arrow tool V
Frame tool F
Text tool T
Hand tool H
Zoom tool Z
Arrange frame (bring forward) Ctrl+] (right bracket)
Arrange frame (send backward) Ctrl+[ (left bracket)
Arrange frame (bring to front) Shift+Ctrl+] (right bracket)
Arrange frame (send to back) Shift+Ctrl+[ (left bracket)
Zoom spread to Fit Ctrl+0
Zoom spread to 100% Ctrl+1
Cut frame(s) Ctrl+X
Copy frame(s) Ctrl+C
Paste frame(s) Ctrl+V
Zoom in Ctrl++ (plus)
Zoom out Ctrl+- (minus)
Change frame size (preserving aspect ratio) Hold Shift while resizing frame
Change frame size (symmetrically on both sides) Hold Alt while resizing frame
Activate Clean Mode Hold F3
Force Drop Hold Ctrl while hovering an image over an image frame
Turn off snapping to Smart Guides Hold Ctrl

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