SmartAlbums 2.1.2 for Windows Release Notes

New Album Companies

  • AtAlbum
  • Artphoto Evaluna
  • Fizara
  • Pinhole Pro
  • Serendipity Albums
  • Your Photographics

New Album Lines

  • Monarch Photobooks: Photo Books

Album Company Updates

  • Bob Books
  • Finao
  • Lifethreads Albums
  • Renaissance Albums
  • Woodland Albums

New Features

  • Added PDF export feature.
  • Added sorting of templates based on their previous usage amount.
  • Added ability to preview the selected image in Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Added ability to copy the file names of the selected images for use in Lightroom search boxes (file names are comma-separated when copied).

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added keyboard shortcut for replacing images (CTRL+SHIFT+R).
  • Added keyboard shortcut for reloading images (CTRL+R).
  • Added new frame ratio conversions in Designer View.
  • Added notification about the upcoming Cloud Proofing feature.
  • Imported images are now color-managed during both album design and export.
  • Minor improvements to context menus in Image Browser, Timeline, Spread View.
  • Fixed mouse scroll wheel detection and settings.
  • Fixed issues for some album companies, where the created album would have a wrong orientation (Fotolab Albuns).
  • Fixed crash that would happen after unused images are deleted from a project.
  • Fixed issue when guides would not show up for some albums.
  • Fixed issue with premature trial deactivation.
  • Added ability to set the mouse/trackpad scrolling speed in Spread View and Timeline.
  • Improved consistency in automatic image syncing behavior.
  • Fixed minor issues with copy/paste behavior in Timeline.
  • Fixed various issues with exporting spread that contain black-and-white images.
  • Fixed issue with transparent background images in PSD export.
  • Fixed issues when a color profile would not be detected on image sync (automatic image reload).
  • Added a message box containing the list of missing and replaced font styles when loading a project.
  • Added message box with notification of the missing glyphs (characters) in one of the fonts used in the exported spreads.
  • Fixed issue when thumbnails in Spread Grid would not show up after undo/redo actions.
  • Fixed issue with horizontal scrolling on trackpads in Spread View and Timeline.
  • Fixed memory leaks when application is idle.
  • Minor performance optimizations.
  • Minor UX improvements.
  • Minor UI improvements.

Feature Differences Between Mac and Windows Versions

  • Opening project files built with SmartAlbums versions prior to 2.1 will not be supported (future release SmartAlbums 2.1 for Mac will be able to save project files in the compatible format).
  • PSD export is 'beta' mode in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Cloud Proofing is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows (coming in future releases).
  • Matted albums support is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Design-time color profile management does not work in SmartAlbums for Windows (coming in future releases).
  • Importing images in ProPhoto RGB color profile is not supported in SmartAlbums for Windows (coming in future releases).
  • ProPhoto RGB color profile export is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Legacy proofing export is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Mac OS X Quick Look feature is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows (preview in Windows Photo Viewer is available only).

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