SmartAlbums 2.0.15 for Mac Release Notes

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue with incorrect image DPI on exported to PDF files from on devices with Retina display.
  • Fixed issue where several meta data fields are empty in exported PDF/X-3 files.
  • Fixed issue where the frame is not triggering bleed after resizing and moving frame to safe/bleed zone.
  • Fixed issue where an incorrect frame size was displayed in the Inspector panel.
  • Fixed issue where album information is displayed in Inspector section when user is in Designer View.
  • Implemented proper availability of Cloud Proofing feature for projects that have become 'outdated'.
  • Fixed UI issue with SmartAlbums window resizing.
  • Undo actions are now not available after uploading an album to Cloud Proofing.
  • Fixed issue where color labels/star ratings from Adobe Bridge were not updated automatically.
  • Fixed incorrect background color on exported files for certain album types.
  • Fixed issue where exported SmartAlbums files don't have JFIF data.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Fixed issue with Apple Magic Mouse 2 not being detected correctly.
  • Fixed potential crash after reverting to a previous upload.
  • Fixed issue with color mismatch in IDML files.
  • 'Unpublished draft' label now appears in Startup Window, when user uploads new draft but does not publish it.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect displaying of Cloud Proofing information in Inspector panel after certain user actions.
  • Fixed issue where frame adjustment spinners in Designer View were displaying incorrect values.
  • Fixed issue where width/height size is not updated dynamically after user has changed size in Designer View.
  • Fixed issue with not updated frame size after moving the frame to the edge of the spread.
  • Fixed issue with displaying incorrect values in frame's adjustment spinners in Designer View.

Known Issues

  • Frames in templates, that were created in SmartAlbums 2.0.12 will have their size modified to work correctly with the updated algorithm for storing custom templates frame sizes (versions 2.0.11 and prior are not affected). If you have any custom templates that were created in SmartAlbums 2.0.12, please follow the steps in this article before updating SmartAlbums.

Feature Differences Between Mac and Windows Versions

  • Opening project files built with SmartAlbums versions prior to 2.1 will not be supported (future release SmartAlbums 2.1 for Mac will be able to save project files in the compatible format).
  • PSD export is 'beta' mode in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Cloud Proofing is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows (coming in future releases).
  • Matted albums support is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Design-time color profile management does not work in SmartAlbums for Windows (coming in future releases).
  • Importing images in ProPhoto RGB color profile is not supported in SmartAlbums for Windows (coming in future releases).
  • ProPhoto RGB color profile export is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Legacy proofing export is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Mac OS X Quick Look feature is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows (preview in Windows Photo Viewer is available only).

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