Why are some of my images/spreads not being exported?

There are three possible reasons why images/spreads may not be exporting from Pixellu SmartAlbums 2. Please check these points to troubleshoot:

1. SmartAlbums is not updated to the latest version

Click here to see how you can check for software updates in SmartAlbums 2. 

2. Project image files have an unsupported color profile

If your project has image files that are not in one of these supported color profiles, the images and/or spreads containing these images may not be exported from SmartAlbums. 

Note: If an entire spread is not being exported, check to see that all images on that spread have a supported color profile.

3. Outdated graphics card (Windows only)

If you are using a Windows machine and are having issues with exporting all of your project images, then your machine may have an outdated graphics card. Please check to see that your computer's graphics card is updated to the latest version before exporting your project spreads from SmartAlbums. 

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