SmartAlbums 2.1.0 for Mac Release Notes

New Features

  • Added support for Spanish and Portuguese languages.
  • Added the ability to open/save projects between the Mac and Windows versions of SmartAlbums.
  • Added ability to use dot or comma decimal separators based on OS locale when creating a new project.
  • Added warning message when there's not enough disk space to write application data.
  • Added a restriction to disallow deleting images from Image Browser in Designer View mode if those images are being used in other spreads.
  • Added a message box containing the list of missing and replaced font styles when loading a project.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Minimum required OS version for SmartAlbums Mac has been changed to Mac OS X 10.9.
  • Improved smart guides snapping in Normal and Bleed modes in Designer View.
  • Improved undo capabilities between Designer View and Main View: all Image Browser operations performed in Designer View are undoable in Main View.
  • Fixed issues with gap, border and color values input in New Project Window.
  • Fixed issues with trim and safe zone values input when creating a custom project.
  • Fixed minor issues when using Clean Mode in Designer View (pressing and holding Control key to hide spread UI overlay).
  • Fixed issues with exporting album with inside bleed in PDF and PDF/X-3 formats.
  • Improved performance when opening projects, images importing, template changing.
  • Fixed performance issues when dragging and dropping images from Image Browser to Timeline.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect spread layouts being displayed after changing template filtering mode.
  • Fixed issues with copying/pasting text frames in Designer View.
  • Unified main menu and context menu items for the selected frames in Designer View.
  • Minor language fixes.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Known Issues

  • Frames in templates, that were created in SmartAlbums 2.0.12, will have their size modified to work correctly with the updated algorithm for storing custom templates frame sizes (versions 2.0.11 and prior are not affected). If you have any custom templates that were created in SmartAlbums 2.0.12, please follow the steps in this article before updating SmartAlbums.
  • UI artifacts may appear in Image Browser area when entering Designer View under Mac OS 10.11.

Feature Differences Between Mac and Windows Versions

  • Cloud Proofing is in 'beta' mode for the Windows version of SmartAlbums.
  • Matted album support is not available for the Windows version of SmartAlbums.
  • Importing images in ProPhoto RGB color profile is not supported in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • ProPhoto RGB color profile export is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Legacy proofing export is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows.
  • Mac OS X Quick Look feature is not available in SmartAlbums for Windows (preview in Windows Photo Viewer is available).

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