Converting SmartAlbums 2.0.12 custom templates (Mac)

Due to changes in how frame dimensions are stored in custom template files, frames in custom templates that were created in SmartAlbums 2.0.12 (Mac) will have their size modified after updating to a newer version of SmartAlbums. Frames in custom templates that were created in versions 2.0.11 and prior will not be affected.

Steps to convert custom templates

If you are currently using SmartAlbums 2.0.12, please follow these steps to convert your custom template files before updating to the latest version of the software:

  1. Download this file onto your computer.
  2. Open the Terminal application.
  3. Copy/paste this text into Terminal and press Enter on your keyboard: Open ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.pixellu.SmartAlbums/User\ Libraries
  4. The Finder application should then open. Copy all visible folders and paste a copy of them into another folder on your machine; these will be kept as back-ups.
  5. Next, enter “python " (space included) in Terminal, find the file that you have downloaded earlier ( and drag the file into Terminal. Once you have done this, enter this into Terminal and press Enter on your keyboard: -f ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.pixellu.SmartAlbums/User\ Libraries -o ~/Desktop/Out -d '04 20 2016'  
  6. Then, execute this command in Terminal: Open ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.pixellu.SmartAlbums/User\ Libraries
  7. Delete all folders from this location.
  8. There is a new folder named Out on your desktop. Copy the files within that folder (contains your converted custom templates).
  9. Open Terminal and execute this command: Open ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.pixellu.SmartAlbums/User\ Libraries
  10. Paste the copied folders into this location. This location is linked to SmartAlbums and will allow you to use the converted templates within the software.

That's it! You can now safely update SmartAlbums to the latest version. If you have any questions about these steps, please email us at 

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