Cloud Proofing: Upload into other existing album

When exporting a Pixellu SmartAlbums 2 project to Cloud Proofing, you will see that there is an option to Upload into other existing album: 

This exporting feature lets you upload your album project into an already published Cloud Proofing album. It may be helpful to use this option if: 

  1. You have created several SmartAlbums project files for a single album.
  2. The size of your album has been changed while proofing with your client. 
  3. The link between your SmartAlbums project file and Cloud Proofing album has been broken. If you run into this issue, we can also suggest viewing this support article for more information.

Note: A SmartAlbums project can only be uploaded into another existing Cloud Proofing album as long as the selected album has not been previously marked as Approved. Also, using the Upload into other existing album option will erase any previously submitted feedback for your chosen Cloud Proofing album.

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