Error message: "Provided product key is not valid for the given email address or is blocked"

There may be several reasons why you may see the following message on your screen: 

1. Either your email address or Pixellu SmartAlbums 2 product key has been entered incorrectly. Please check the entered email address and product key for any possible spelling mistakes. You can find your SmartAlbumsproduct key by opening the Purchase History page in your Pixellu Account and then choosing View details and downloads.

2. Your SmartAlbums version is outdated. If you are not using the latest version of SmartAlbums 2, please uninstall the software and install the latest version here.

3. If you have purchased SmartAlbums 1 in the past, you may be trying to activate SmartAlbums 2 with your SmartAlbums 1 product key (or vice versa). SmartAlbums 1 and SmartAlbums 2 are completely different products and require separate product keys for activation. Please make sure that you are using the appropriate product key to activate SmartAlbums. 

4. If you have tried the troubleshooting steps above and are still receiving this activation error message, your SmartAlbums product key may have been blocked by our servers due to suspicious activity. This can happen if there are multiple deactivations/activations of your SmartAlbums license within a small time frame. Please reach out to us via so that we can help you unblock your product key.

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