Cloud Proofing: How to purchase a subscription

Cloud Proofing is an add-on feature of our album design software, Pixellu SmartAlbums 2. Cloud Proofing can be purchased in the following ways:

  • If you have not purchased Pixellu SmartAlbums 2, you can choose from the following annual plans on our SmartAlbums our pricing page to subscribe to both SmartAlbums and Cloud Proofing:

  • If you chose to purchase the $16/mo SmartAlbums plan, which does not include Cloud Proofing, you can upgrade to a plan that includes Cloud Proofing later on at any time. To do that, simply visit the My Subscriptions page of your Pixellu Account and choose to upgrade your plan there.
  • If you have purchased a perpetual SmartAlbums 2 license, you can use the Transaction Popover window to purchase Cloud Proofing (see image above). This window appears directly in SmartAlbums as you export an album to Cloud Proofing (File > Export > Export for Cloud Proofing). Note that each SmartAlbums 2 perpetual license purchase comes with 3 free Cloud Proofing album credits. This means that you may not see the Transaction Popover window appear until your 3 free credits are used.


Note: The Transaction Popover window lets you purchase either a subscription to Cloud Proofing or our Pay per Album option. The Pay per Album option lets you upload albums only when you need to and additional album drafts/revisions for your purchased album can be uploaded at no cost.

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