Where's my SmartAlbums product key?

If you have purchased a SmartAlbums license, you can find your SmartAlbums product key by following these short steps:

1. Click here to access the Purchase History section of your Pixellu Account. 

2. Find your Pixellu SmartAlbums 1 or Pixellu SmartAlbum 2 purchase listed on this page. 

3. Once you've found your purchase, select View details and downloads on the right side of your listed purchase.

4. Your product key will be shown here:

Note: If you have paid a one-time fee for a perpetual SmartAlbums license, note that your product key will only be able to activate the specific version of SmartAlbums that you have purchased. If you're having trouble with activating SmartAlbums with your product key, you may be trying to activate a version of SmartAlbums that you do not own. Note that you can select Download SmartAlbums within your invoice (located below your product key) to download the exact version of SmartAlbums that you have purchased. 

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